Banner.Generator help

What shall I do with the downloaded banner?

In general

The generated banners cannot be used on our server, because they are only hosted shorttime there. So you have to save the banner via download to your computer and if necessary transfer it to your own webserver. To save your new banner, please use the link `Banner-Download` on the page where your newly created banner is displayed.

How to use a banner

You can use your saved banner now by e.g. submitting it to a promotion agency, loading it up to a banner exchange or including it in your own HTML pages.

Include banners in HTML pages

Kindly note that graphic banner and Flash banner are included in different ways.
If you are using a WYSIWYG HTML editor: Many HTML editors offer an assistent and functions for integration, to comment on all of them would certainly be too extensive, please reference the help file of your program to use the offered functions for including graphic or Flash banners.
If you work with the source code and don´t know the code at the moment, you´ll find an instruction for including the graphic banner and the Flash banner here, naturally with code examples.

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